BTO → Be Travel Onlife

In 2021 BTO, the 13th edition, becomes Be Travel Onlife.

In a two years period of profound changes due to an emergency that redesigned the geography and tourist maps, accelerating some trends, and in line with the issues addressed in the previous edition dedicated to the onlife, BTO changes payoff.

The online can no longer be conceived as a channel by itself in a hyper – connected world, but as integral part of our way of being, communicating and interacting with the world of travel.

Among the many tools available, strategy becomes decisive, being (be) more than thinking.

Hence the “onlife” where becoming opens new scenarios. The ability to adapt and know how to build < a raft while swimming in the current >, becomes the key to facing the new decade and the challenges presented by the pandemic.

Be Travel Onlife defines a new way to address the travel innovation.

BTO2021: New hybrid format

The pandemic has also severely impacted the event industry. That’s why we designed
a new, “hybrid” and frictionless edition.

The fruition will be online with few places in attendance.

The speaker will be in both presence and in connection.

  • Day One will take place in presence and broadcast online, from one of the most
    prestigious venues that Tuscany can boast – Salone dei 500, Palazzo Vecchio in
  • 4 thematic days will follow, always online, during which you can partecipate even
    in presence with a limited number of places.

80 events to elaborate together this new present and tell the future of digital tourism.

BTO2021: dates & info

November 24 in the Salone dei 500 in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. The day includes a “Vision” session with guests from all over the world and a “Focus” session in which we anticipate the 4 main topics with some speakers that we will meet in the following days.

From 25 to 30 November 2021, both online and in presence in the offices of Nana
Bianca and Florence Chamber of Commerce:

  • 25 november is digital innovation day
  • 26 november is destination day
  • 29 november is food and wine day
  • 30 november is hospitality day

For each day there are two rooms set up for live streaming with the possibility of limited places in attendance. In total 16 panels of 50 minutes per day.