We have designed a new “hybrid” and frictionless edition. It will be online with a few in-person places. BTO2021 speakers will be both present and connected.

Day One will be held in-person and streamed online from one of the most prestigious halls Tuscany can offer – the Salone dei 500, Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

This will be followed by 4 thematic days, also online, which can also be attended in person at the Nana Bianca and the Florence Chamber of Commerce, with a limited number of places.

Salone dei 500, Palazzo Vecchio – Florence

Piazza della Signoria – 50122 – Florence

This is the largest and most important room in Palazzo Vecchio, a room that has played a decisive role in the city and the nation’s history, having housed the Chamber of Deputies during the period of Florence as the capital and the Council of Five Hundred at the time of Savonarola’s Republic (who had it built). The hall, imposing in size and height, is enriched by a magnificent coffered ceiling, marble statues by Michelangelo and Giambologna, among others, and walls frescoed by Vasari.

Map and directions on how to get to the Salone dei Cinquecento – Palazzo Vecchio

Nana Bianca – Florence

Piazza di Cestello, 10 – 50124 – Florence

A multifunctional space located in the heart of Florence, in the district of San Frediano (in Piazza di Cestello, 10), which holds a strong attraction for new business ventures and digital natives, an innovation hub for a new digital renaissance. A place where professionals from different sectors find the perfect habitat for their entrepreneurial projects, and a place of inspiration and realisation for ambitious startuppers and entrepreneurs in search of revolutionary solutions.

Map and directions on how to get to Nana Bianca – Florence

Florence Chamber of Commerce

Piazza Mentana, 1 – 50122 – Florence

The Chamber of Commerce, Arts and Crafts was set up on 1 February 1770 by the Grand Duke Peter Leopold to deal with problems related to economic and civil disputes and also as an advisory body on the domestic economic situation.

Map and directions on how to get to the Florence Chamber of Commerce