New Frictionless World

The challenge of innovation is closely linked to digital technologies. But identifying the change to the only use of computer tools risks distracting attention from the great need to modify first the organizational model, a change that technology is only able to facilitate.

In recent years digital has been confronted with the necessary simplification of the user experience, having as its objective the usability of the tools, able to generate activities “without friction”, without impediments.

The concept of FRICTIONLESS has become, after the words of Mark Zuckerberg, synonymous of facilitation. Simplification is a complex and very committed process. It is precisely in the tourism sector, in particular the Italian sector, characterised by the infinite multiplicity of actors, that this concept could find an important application, developing a new method of design, realization and making available of experiences, travel, offers and packages designed for our guests.

BTO2021: new challenges

The Pandemic has generated many changes in our society, first of all the challenge to create a new model of social relations. Facing this period means above all to confront with a hyper – digitalization that has involved all the humanity and upset all the known schemes until now.

  • Which are the most important and permanent changes for the world of tourism?
  • What innovations will mark this decade?