Antonio Preiti

Professore Università di Firenze

Antonio Nicola Preiti is teaching Destination Management at the Department of Economics and Business Studies (DISEI) of the University of Florence.

He is also the director of Sociometrica, a strategic consulting and research firm in the field of tourism and social behavior.

He has been on the board of the Italian Tourist Board (ENIT) and vice-president of ETC (European Travel Commission). He has published numerous studies and researches in the field of tourism, including Turismo: Cambiamo tutto!, Gallucci Editore, 2014; Venezia 2000. Ideas and Projects, Marsilio Editore, 2004.

He has a Master in Development Economics, issued by the University of Naples and a degree in Economic and Social Sciences, issued by the University of Calabria.

He has also taught at the LUISS University in Rome and at the University of Bolzano.

Contributor of the Corriere della Sera.