Cecilia Del Re

Assessor Comune di Firenze

Cecilia Del Re was born in Florence on 7 November 1982.

She is an Employment Lawyer, with a PhD in Comparative Law from the University of Florence. She graduated in Florence with top marks and honours, but interspersed her studies with several semesters abroad: at the University of Leicester, England, with the Erasmus program; at Georgetown University, Washington DC, winning a scholarship banned by the University of Florence; and finally at New York University, NYC, for a period of research during her doctoral years.

She is also an Advertising Journalist; in fact, she has written for several years for a sports weekly and a monthly magazine, even winning a journalistic competition announced by the University of Florence and the newspaper "La Nazione".

She was elected Municipal Councillor in the local elections of 25 May 2014, and was President of the First Council Commission "General Affairs, Organization, Budget and Tributes" until February 2015. In February 2017 she was then appointed by the Mayor as Councillor for Economic Development of the City of Florence.

Following the Administrative Elections of 26 May 2019, on Saturday 1 June, the Mayor put her in charge of Urban Planning, Environment, Tourism, Technological Innovation and Information Systems.