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Evols Gruppo TeamSystem

In un mercato sempre più dinamico e concorrenziale, le soluzioni TeamSystem Hospitality aiutano le imprese ricettive ad ottenere reali vantaggi competitivi attraverso il rinnovamento tecnologico e la digitalizzazione dei processi.

Con i software gestionali offerti, TeamSystem Hospitality è in grado di coprire un target di mercato estremamente ampio cui offre non solo i vantaggi di soluzioni di gestione alberghiera altamente innovative, ma la piena integrazione con i software gestionali ERP del gruppo TeamSystem.

Le imprese ricettive che si affidano a TeamSystem Hospitality per la digitalizzazione delle proprie attività, possono contare sulla solidità e l’affidabilità di un grande gruppo industriale, unitamente alla certezza di dialogare sempre con un unico interlocutore con anni di esperienza nel mondo dell’ospitalità, che conosce a fondo le esigenze, le problematiche e gli obiettivi dei professionisti del settore.

TeamSystem Hospitality copre tutte le aree aziendali delle imprese dell’ospitalità e della Ristorazione e garantisce una copertura globale di tutti i reparti e processi aziendali, dalla gestione operativa, alla promozione delle vendite, alla contabilità e digitalizzazione degli adempimenti fiscali.

Teamsystem Hospitality è il punto di riferimento per il mercato dell’ospitalità.


 Bookingfor DMS (Destination Management System) is an innovative virtual tourism promotion and marketing service for resorts and tourist destinations, consortia for the promotion of tourism, LAGs, tour operators, hotel chains, business networks, web agencies, OLTAs and themed vertical portals.

Easy, intuitive and powerful, BookingFor is the perfect tool to book online tourism related products (rooms, excursions, experiences, activities, restaurants…) per day, per night and per hour. The ideal booking engine to promote the whole tourist offer of a destination and to create tailor-made travel experiences (Cusromer Dynamic Packaging).

BookingFor is SEO-friendly, multi-lingual and compatible with mobile devices. It is entirely customisable, extremely scalable and adaptable to websites of all sizes, and also offers the possibility for developers to access the API interface for integrations based on OTA standards and to access the Open Source code for the development of components, applications and customisations. The service is scalable even in terms of costs thanks to its "pay-per-use" option which allows users to eliminate all start-up costs and pay based on how much they effectively use the system.

Bookingfor stems from the know-how of Ipertrade and Time2marketing, web agencies specialising in the development of on-line technology and marketing projects aimed at promoting and endorsing tourist businesses and destinations.

Nozio srl

Hotel Direct-Booking Strategies with zero commission costs.

More than 2.000 successful projects in the last 20 years define Nozio as an Authority in the Italian Hotel Marketing scenario.

We achieve success through a time-tested but still evolving program called – ATTRACT» CONVERT» SHARE – and the most advanced tools to grant effective Distribution, Visibility and Conversion.

Are you trying to achieve the optimal occupancy rate?
Do you want to increase the revenue from Direct Bookings?
Do you need an effective way to promote your Hotel and reduce commission costs?

Our team of certified professionals is at your disposal to analyze your needs and provide advice.

Oscar WiFi

Oscar is an innovative software platform that evolved over the years thanks to a valuable contribution of many hoteliers. Oscar conceives WiFi as a "means of communication" through which an hotel is able to talk with its guests and vice versa.

The key points of the package are the following: sociability, customer profiling, local offers and upselling services, satisfaction monitoring, surveys, follow-up with request for review and also an "emotions diffuser".

Designed to be customer focused, the platform "speaks" 8 languages including Chinese, Russian, and Brazilian and allows "Social Login" to 13 social networks. The classics – Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc. – have been joined by Chinese sites QQ, Weibo, Tencent, Renren as well as the Russian site VKontacte.

Simple and very flexible both in implementation and use, the system is currently operating in more than 1200 accommodation facilities of various types throughout Italy.
Oscar WiFi is developed and distributed by InWYA.


TopStay is a CRM application dedicated to the world of hospitality, its function is to capitalize on the value of the guests’ experience, providing the necessary tools to achieve this goal.

Through a simple and intuitive interface, TopStay features allow hotel structures to:
– Digitize and organize the knowledge of its guests;
– Provide operational and statistical tools to the Marketing & Sales departments;
– Check the quality of the services provided, favoring continuous improvement and customer loyalty;
– Personalize the experience of the Guest, analyzing his needs to best satisfy them;
– Optimize the maintenance of the structure.
TopStay works in all phases of the relationship with the guest:
– Prestay Offers functions of reservation of services, self-profiling of Guest and online check-in;
– Stay allows you to identify the guest and profile him, manage his complaints and special requests;
– PostStay
It manages customized marketing and remarketing campaigns, measures the quality of the service through surveys, analyzes the guests and their experience.

Best Western Italia SCPA

BWH Hotel Group is a three brands family with over 4500 hotels all over the world: WorldHotels, Best Western Hotels & Resorts, Sure Stay Hotel Group. 

Our facilities cover all hospitality segments, for both business and leisure travelers and offer international quality standards togheter with hospitality in the authentic Italian tradition.

Wi-Fi Hotel

Wi-Fi Hotel is the most advanced and widespread Wi-Fi management and marketing automation platform for the hospitality industry.

With 10 millions yearly users and over 2500 installed systems in Italy and abroad in independent hotels, hotel chains, resorts and campgrounds, Wi-Fi Hotel represents the state of the art in the field of digital services for the hospitality sector.

Wi-Fi Hotel allows any type of accommodation facility to provide guests with the best Internet access service they can expect, featuring ease of access, convenience of use with any device and maximum performance.

Alongside, the platform can transform any existing public access Wi-Fi network in a powerful communication, interaction and marketing tool, enabling innovative features for promoting the business and its services, maximize customer loyalty and increase the web reputation.

Wi-Fi Hotel is developed by Nexis srl. The platform can be enabled over existing Wi-Fi networks or integrated into customized turnkey projects.


Bookassist® is The Direct Booking Expert™. The company develops and manages award-winning digital strategies for hotels to help them build brand online, drive direct bookings, enhance ancillary revenue and improve their profitability while reducing dependence on third parties. With over 100 staff at offices in Dublin, Rome, Madrid, Vienna, Munich and Prague, the company is a three-times winner of the World’s Leading Booking Engine Technology award.

Serenissima Informatica SpA

Specialists of software and business processes of the hospitality industry, we allow our customers to dedicate their time only to the care of their guests.

Our customers are always in the focus of our attention: since we meet them to understand how they want to improve their processes and management systems, when we personalize software for them, during staff training, to 24-hour support, provided by people coming from hotels.

Hotel chains, hotels, villages and SPAs benefit from the innovations offered by our international software solutions, in the office or in mobility with tablet and smartphone, on-premise or in hosting: protel PMS centralized and integrated with OLTA and GDS, CRM to stimulate demand and Increase direct bookings, catering software, SPAs and thermal centers, AFC and management contorl with USALI, business intelligence for data analysis.With offices in Padua, Barcelona (E) and Innsbruck (A), expertise in software, hardware and system platform, hosting services and cloud computing, we are the partner to be responsible for the entire information system.

Nugo SpA

From today, planning your trips will be easier and faster than ever – no matter the distance! With nugo,you need onlyindicate the origin and destination address to choose the door-to-door itinerary that best meets your mobility needs among all possible solutions and combinations of means of transport and fares. Once your trip is defined, click once to buy all tickets and make all bookings. Render your mobility experience unique.

The more the App knows about you, the closer the proposed travel solutions will be to your preferences. We are a start-up that grew out of the experience of a large international industrial group.

Our platform aims to be the largest transport showcase at the national level, already boasting over 200 partners.

With nugo you can book and buy trains, buses, car and bike sharing, taxis and much more.

Sysdat Turismo


Sysdat Turismo srl is more than 35 years as one of major companies in the field of Information Technology in Italian territory. More than 1500 installations and more than 100 employees specialized in providing optimum services and customer care are the power of Sysdat Turismo srl. Steadily updated and continuously developed has obtained one of the highest positions with its global 360? solutions starts from the PMS to Web Solution, Accounting management, food and beverage management and human resource administration are fully interfaced with advanced Business intelligent systems. With Hardware devices of the whole infrastructure technology of the property form a complete turnkey offer. A unique supplier that gathers all the necessary information to help the property to enhance and optimize future sales strategies.

WACOM For Business

More Human More Digital Organizations around the world are driving technological advancement to improve efficiencies, cut costs, reduce waste, tighten security, connect globally and introduce new services. As more businesses adopt similar processes to keep up with the pace of change, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to differentiate from one other. For 35 years, Wacom has put technology into the hands of the world’s most creative people and the valuable lesson we’ve learned is that technology makes the world a better place when it is as human-centered as possible. We believe the key to business success in increasingly commoditized markets lies in balancing high-tech solutions with a people-focused approach

Comune di Firenze

The Municipality of Florence in partnership with Destination Florence Convention & Visitors Bureau, to enhance the territory of the " Florentine Area", with a view to development and sustainability. The management of large tourist flows is today the challenge of every city of art.

The main capitals of tourism are working on innovative tools not only to offer an adequate reception to visitors, making them even more aware – and therefore respectful – of the territory in which they stay for short periods, but also to present them with alternative experiences, promoting itineraries able to guide the flows by distributing them in several places in the territory, thus promoting at the same time lesser known places in the city and in the metropolitan area.


Intesa Sanpaolo is the leader in Italy in all business areas (retail, corporate, and wealth management). The Group offers its services to 11.8 million customers through a network of over 3,800 branches well distributed throughout the country with market shares no lower than 12% in most Italian regions.

Intesa Sanpaolo has a strategic international presence, with about 1,100 branches and 7.3 million customers, including commercial banking subsidiaries in 12 countries in Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East and North Africa and an international network specialized in supporting corporate customers in 25 countries, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa and in those areas where the greatest dynamism of Italian companies is registered, such as the United States, Brazil, Russia, India and China.

This is the mission of Intesa Sanpaolo’s Innovation Center, which aims to be an enabling driver of relationships with other stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem, such as businesses, start-ups, incubators, research centres and universities. In addition, it promotes new forms of entrepreneurship in accessing risk capital.